The internet is my favorite source of information and search. Nevertheless, I am sometimes a bit overwhelmed by all the tutorials and information pages you can find on a certain topic. Besides, the information is mostly not very structured. Therefore, I still like to buy books for certain topics!

In the course of time I will introduce books to you, which I read about photography and of course I can recommend.


I would like to start with the book «The Photographer’s Guide to Posing: Techniques to Flatter Everyone». I bought it because I find posing an extremely exciting and crucial subject. During shootings and in post-production I am always surprised what small changes in posture and camera perspective can do. For me it is the most important thing when taking pictures.

The book describes in a really understandable and comprehensible way what posing means in photography and what influencing factors there are. It is not only the pose of the model, but also the lens and perspective that can make a big difference. With numerous examples the eye is trained for an appealing pose. Often people think that they simply have an eye for poses and beautiful details, but it helps me a lot to become aware of these subtle differences.

In addition to basic posing rules, the book explains topics such as pregnancy photography and boudoir in more detail.

Do you enjoy reading books on specific topics, such as photography, or are you more of a Team Internet person?